Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens

Genre: Electronic | Price: $10,000 - $25,000


About The Artist

Kelly Lee Owens' masterful second album Inner Song follows the star-making debut of Owensé' 2017 self-titled album, a quixotic blend of body-moving beats and introspective songwriting that garnered numerous accolades from the music press. Owens has indeed come a long way from her background as a nurse; since then, she's released an indelibly clubby two-tracker, 2019's "Let It Go" b/w "Omen," remixed Bj??rk & St Vincent and teamed up with like-minded auteur Jon Hopkins on the one-off "Luminous Spaces."The evocative title of the album is borrowed from free-jazz maestro Alan Silva's 1972 opus. é"Those two words really reflect what it was like to make this record. I did a lot of inner work in the past few years, and this is a true reflection of that." The hair-raising bass and tickling textures of Inner Song drive home that, more so than ever, Owens is locked in to delivering maximal sonic pleasureé─ţas evidenced by the decision to make the album's vinyl release a sesquialbum, or triple-sided album: "I'm still obsessed with frequencies that don't do well on vinyl if they don't have the space.""The power of conceptualizing who you are has really informed this album," Owens states about Inner Song's essence, and her second album is truly a discovery of selfé─ţthe latest statement from a fascinating artist who continues to surprise.