Genre: Electronic | Price: $5,000 - $10,000


About The Artist

The life of Madison Louch, better known by her stage name MADDS, is anything but boring. Born abroad in South Africa, but raised stateside in sunny Los Angeles, California, MADDS got her first taste of EDM at the ripe age of 13. She hasné't looked back since. é"My parents took me to Salt Lake City for a work trip and we ended up at a rave on my 13th birthday,é" the DJ, electronic music producer, and songwriter laughs. é"Benny Bennasi was playing. It was the first time I heard EDM and I immediately became obsessed.é" é─« While MADDSé's parents were understandably embarrassed they had unwittingly exposed their 13-year-old daughter to the rave scene, that night planted a seed of inspiration that has grown with MADDS into the present. é"Ié've always had a super creative side to me,é" admits MADDS, who subsequently taught herself how to songwrite, DJ and produce during high school. While MADDS has always been a people person and making friends came easy, incessant bullying made high school a rocky chapter. é"I restored to music, and Ié've used it to explore my feelings ever since.é" é─« In the pipeline thereé's an app, a couple of Netflix series, and a pair of residencies, one in Las Vegas as a headliner at Resort World, and another in Houston. Additionally, MADDS is scheduled to appear at Firefly Festival and Blended Austin in 2021. é─«