Genre: Electronic | Price: $10,000 - $25,000


About The Artist

Founded on the intention to bring people into the present moment through sound, Mersiv is one of the modern innovators and trailblazers in electronic music today. é─« The Mersiv Sound Project is the brainchild of Anderson Benoit Gallegos. Since 2015, the Producer/DJ has been developing a unique é"Pretty Dark Loudé" style of electronic music and aesthetic intended to bring forth emotion and vitality. Derived from personal experiences, his music transmits therapeutic and healing energy to listeners. é─« Gallegos is also head curator of MorFlo Records, a platform designed to showcase those tapping into flow through art. Leading into 2021, Mersiv crossed the threshold of 2 million plays on Soundcloud and averages 170k+ monthly listeners on Spotify. é─« This Fall, Mersiv released his debut album, Pretty Dark Loud, which delivered his full interpretation and defining moment for the Mersiv Sound Project. Through this pivotal chapter, he looks to put his undisputed stamp at the forefront of the Freeform genre.


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