49 Winchester

49 Winchester

Genre: Rock & Americana, Country | Price: $10,000 - $15,000


About The Artist

Formed on Winchester Street in the small mountain town of Castlewood, Virginia (population: 2,045), 49 Winchester started as a group of neighborhood teenage friends set on a calculated DIY path. In 2014 they independently released their eponymous debut 49 Winchester, followed by 2018é's The Wind, and 2020é's celebrated III. Reflecting on his early days as a jack-of-all-trades stone mason, where it was about trying to make ends meet in an effort to keep the band rolling along, frontman Gibson cané't help but be grateful for a well-earned notion at the core of the bandé's ethos é─ţ anything worthwhile in life is built brick-by-brick. é"Everything has to be built. And very few people are going to achieve success overnight,é" says Gibson. é"We didné't start out as a bunch of hot shot pickers out of Nashville. We started out on the ground floor é─ţ very basic songwriting and instrumentation. But we kept working at it, always progressing in what we wanted to do and how we wanted to sound é─ţ each song better than the previous one, the show this evening better than last night.é" é─« Since their formation, there have been hundreds of shows and thousands of miles between the starting line in Castlewood and where 49 Winchester stands today as a rapidly rising band. In its essence, Fortune Favors The Bold is about going against all odds to bring your art into fruition and into the world. 49 Winchester will release Fortune Favors The Bold on May 13th, 2022 via New West Records.


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