Ape Drums

Ape Drums

Genre: Electronic | Price: $10,000 - $30,000


About The Artist

Eric Alberto-Lopez, better known to the world as Ape Drums, is a Houston-born, Miami-based producer, DJ - and member of chart topping group, Major Lazer.Apeé's signature sound mixing Caribbean & latin inspired riddims w/ pop sensibilities has led Ape to be one of the most in demand DJs, regularly traveling the world to perform as a solo artist + as Major Lazer w his bandmates Diplo & Walshy Fire.Since joining Major Lazer, Ape has contributed to the groupé's massive hit records featuring artists including J Balvin, Anitta, and Nicki Minaj.Ape Drumsé' first single, Bashment, took the world by storm in 2014 with its unique fusion of electronic + dancehall sounds. The track set a course not just for Ape Drums but the genre as a whole, cementing Ape Drums as an innovator in the global music scene. By the time legendary filmmaker Spike Jonze selected Ape Drumsé' song Mutant Brain, to be in his worldwide Kenzo campaign in 2016, it was apparent that the Ape Drums sound was not only taking over the dance genre, but steadily making its way to the forefront of popular music. The song reached the number 2 spot on the Spotify Global Viral chart and was released by Interscope Records. By 2019, Ape was behind the decks on the main stage at Governoré's Ball in NYC, being introduced as the newest member of Major Lazer.The next era of the Ape Drums sound is on the horizon. His latest collection of songs, SOUND BOY, is set for a 2021 release on Mad Decent.