Genre: Hip-Hop | Price: $40,000 - $50,000


About The Artist

Songwriter/producer Aries went from posting videos of himself deconstructing other artists' hits to making mellow, sample-based pop songs of his own, always underscored by rap production touches. After hitting millions in streaming numbers with several tracks, Aries compiled some of his best-loved work on the 2019 album Welcome Home. In 2021, he released his sophomore LP, Believe in Me, Who Believes in You. Aries was born Chester Cornelius III and grew up in Orange County, California. He began producing music in his teens, and in 2016, he started a YouTube channel showcasing videos for his own tracks as well as offering up various technical videos about music production and beatmaking. One series of videos looked at the production of popular songs by artists like Future, Kendrick Lamar, and 21 Savage as Aries attempted to explain and re-create the songs in two minutes. Though he began with his early song "Mr. Fantastic" in 2016, his style developed along with his channel over the course of 2017, moving from the more nostalgic, sample-heavy styles of his early work to more trap- and mumble rap-influenced songs. His dark 2017 single "Upside Down" was followed that year by moody one-off singles like "Deadman Wunderland" and "Less Than Friends." By 2018, Aries' platform had expanded significantly, and he had over 300,000 followers tuning in for his production videos and original songs. Early that year, he issued the tracks "Carousel" and "Sayonara," and in 2019 he collected nine of his best songs as the debut album Welcome Home. In 2020, he released the tracks "Fools Gold" and "Conversations," both which were included on his sophomore album. Arriving in November 2021, Believe in Me, Who Believes in You found Aries further expanding the cross-pollinated pop and postmodern hip-hop psychedelia of his debut.


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