Arizona Zervas

Arizona Zervas

Genre: Hip-Hop | Price: $20,000 - $25,000


About The Artist

Without a label or mainstream presence, hip-hop- and R&B-influenced singer and rapper Arizona Zervas amassed a devoted following that boosted streams of his early singles into the millions, culminating in 2019's viral smash single "Roxanne." Blending the styles and deliveries of influences like Drake, Post Malone, and Migos, Zervas alternated melodic choruses and rapped verses, covering topics such as bad relationships, blossoming fame, and youthful hedonism. With each successive song, his streaming numbers increased exponentially over the course of a dozen singles and an EP, 2018's Living Facts. In 2019, he made his breakthrough with the help of a viral social media campaign for his song "Roxanne." Released in October, the melodic pop-rap earworm catapulted Zervas into the Top Five on the Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, he topped the charts in New Zealand and Belgium and rose into the Top Ten around the globe. He was swiftly signed by Columbia Records and returned in 2020 with the songs "24" and "Nightrider."