Assembly Of Dust

Assembly Of Dust

Genre: Rock & Americana | Price: $7,500 - $10,000


About The Artist

Melding the deep grooves of blues and R&B with guitar work that recalls J.J. Cale and Little Feat, Assembly of Dust is a New York-based quintet which has developed a sizable following on the East Coast for their rich country-accented melodies and impressive chops. Assembly of Dust was formed by lead vocalist and songwriter Reid Genauer after the breakup of his band Strangefolk. Genauer decided to record a solo album and recruited some friends from Strangefolk's days on the road to help out. After calling the 2003 solo release Assembly of Dust, Genauer decided to use the name for his new group, which featured Genauer on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Nate Wilson on keyboards, Adam Terrell on lead guitar, John Leccese on bass, and Andy Herrick on drums. The group's first proper album was 2004's The Honest Hour, a live set which documented the band's fabled live prowess. Five "instant live" albums were released from Assembly of Dust's December 2005 tour, and the group became a favorite in jam band circles, though in interviews Genauer has said that while he respects the jam band scene, he believes his group's focus on songcraft puts them in a different league. In the spring of 2007, Assembly of Dust released their first studio effort, Recollection, which was followed by extensive nationwide touring. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi