Genre: Electronic | Price: $30,000 - $70,000


About The Artist

Diamant?ę Anthony Blackmon is the American Dream. Diamant?ę grew up in Guatemala and came to America at 10 years old speaking very little English in a lower income neighborhood. Against all odds, Diamant?ę grew into Carnage, one of the most dominant music superstar artists in the world. From pioneering the Trap genre, massive collabs and festival appearances in the dance world, to records with Lil Pump, Migos, and Mac Miller, few artists artists are able to move between genres as seamlessly as Carnage. After the recent announcement of his forthcoming é─˛Reincarnation Touré', international DJ and producer Carnage returns from his 2018 hiatus with his biggest single yet - é─˛Letting People Goé'.2019 is a landmark year for Carnage, in his own words: é"Moving forward I want to connect with my fans in a way I never have before. I used to be scared and embarrassed to tell my story. Now I am proud of it and I want you to know it. My mother left Nicaragua, traveled through Mexico, and crossed the Rio Grande into America as an illegal immigrant to create a better life for me. I came to this country speaking little to no English. In this crazy world we all live in now I am embracing this - I am a proud immigrant. I am the American Dream and I am f*cking proud of it. I am going to use my platform to be a better role model and help all immigrants like me achieve success. This is my f*cking mission."