City Girls

City Girls

Genre: Hip-Hop | Price: $150,000 - $250,000


About The Artist

Hailed by Rolling Stone as being é"the hottest duo in rap,é" the City Girls has successfully claimed their stake as being the most notorious power players in female Hip Hop. Known for being authentic, uncensored and unapologetic, took the world by storm with their first two projects Period and Girl Code, followed by their contribution on Drakeé's number one pop hit é"In My Feelings.é" The first ladies of Quality Control Music, Yung Miami and JTé's knack for storytelling mixed with their infectious personalities are responsible for empowering a cult following of women who not only have something to say but arené't afraid to say it. City Girlsé' presence and ascent, as their lyrics suggest, are attributable to their resilience, pride and just a little bit of finesse. From é"Take Yo Man,é" é"Pussy Talké" and their latest single é"Twerkulator,é" thereé's no shortage of bravado, pleasures (both carnal and material), or pursuit of opportunities in their songs, which brim with a buoyant nonchalance, as if begging for someone to challenge them. This ownership over who they areé─ţwithout shame or pauseé─ţthat oozes from their music, carrying the proud, sex-positive hustleré's DNA of the Florida rap that preceded them.