Dj Seinfeld

Dj Seinfeld

Genre: Electronic | Price: $7,000 - $15,000


About The Artist

If much of DJ Seinfeldé's previous work was characterised by a sepia-tinged haze, a result of the produceré's deliberately lo-fi production techniques, then brand new album é─˛Mirrorsé' sees his music come firmly into focus. é"On this album I wanted to retain a lot of the raw emotionality that brought people to my music in the first place,é" says DJ Seinfeld. é"but I also wanted to become a much better producer. Ité's been an arduous process but ité's a real statement of where Ié'm at as a producer and person right now. Ié've been through various sonic explorations in the past few years but have come to understand what people like about my music and how to move forward with it.é" é─˛Mirrorsé' is the follow-up to Seinfeldé's critically acclaimed 2017 debut album é─˛Time Spent Away From Ué'. Named after a quote by his favourite novelist, Julio Cort?░zar, the album finds him in a more settled and grounded mood after an unfortunate family incident forced him to spend more time at home. é"I saw this quote from Cort?░zar recently, which says é─˛You were always my mirror, to see myself I had to look at you,é' and it just made sense in relation to this album. I doné't know who I am but perhaps ité's easier to see the silhouettes through things like heartbreak, family trauma, but also through the peculiar flickers of light and love that enter your life. If the first album was about getting past a breakup, this one is trying to understand whoé's standing on the finish line. This album is my mirror.