Jake Wesley Rogers

Jake Wesley Rogers

Genre: Rock & Americana | Price: $20,000 - $30,000


About The Artist

Songwriting is an art. Telling stories both singular and universal can be a tricky line to walk, for even the most esteemed of artists. But Jake Wesley Rogersé' bold music is queer storytelling refracted through a universal lens; ité's inspired by the authenticity and artistry of his heroes like Madonna, Stevie Nicks, and Florence + the Machine. His songs are for everyone, but theyé're special treats for those who know and share his experiences.Signed to hit songwriter Justin Tranteré's imprint of Warner Records, Facet Records, Jake has turned his most formative years into some of the most stunning and evocative music youé'll hear this year. é"I don't think my story has been fully told,é" he says. é"There are so many forms of art, but the reason I make music is that my soul is at its happiest place when it's singing and performing, and I resonate at the highest level in those moments.é"Though the bulk of his music was written before the pandemic, several were finished in lockdown, with breakout tracks like é"Middle of Loveé" showcasing the power of Justiné's mentorship and collaboration. And though ité's early in his journey, Jakeé's vision is grandiose. é"Few queer people right now are getting a platform to tell these kinds of stories,é" he says. é"I think it's time to have some of our own artists doing and saying the things that we want to say.é"