Last Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs

Genre: Rock & Americana | Price: $10,000 - $20,000


About The Artist

Last Dinosaurs has found a rhythmic succession over the last decade, one thaté's plucked them out of Australia, pulled them through the eye of the European needle, off to write in ancient Japanese ghost towns, onto America's most iconic stages, and somehow grounded them in the middle of a sacred loophole - a ring of fire, really - that few artists find.They call it a loophole because it hasné't been linear, it hasné't been promoted, it hasné't been announced and assembled by some team and popularized and pushed through the press. Blame it on the Latino and Asian kids streaming the shit out of their trifecta of indie-rock records or the interneté's international party knuckles banging at their digital door 24/7, but Last Dinosaurs are erupting. Theyé've all felt it onstage and backstage in every sold-out sanctuary of sound they ripped through last year.With newest single, é"Flyingé", theyé're staring down the wild timing of a deliberate shift in sound paralleled by a complete cracking of global ground. Guitarist, Lachlan Caskey suggests this unprecedented coronavirus era is another chance, not only for the band, but the music industry at large to take hold of a new vibration and frequency weé've never seen. é"Not many of us wouldé've signed up for this mandatory, worldwide shakedown, but thereé's opportunity waiting in everything. We were already in our own evolution as a band, but now we get to really ride that alongside the entire music industry somewhere none of us have ever been.é"