Layton Greene

Layton Greene

Genre: Hip-Hop | Price: $10,000 - $25,000


About The Artist

Known for her viral Hip Hop and R&B remixes of popular music. In 2017, she became an overnight star, with millions of people watching her. Leveled Up Music Group Artist Layton Greene is the next big thing of this Generation Z.Layton is a Nashville, TN native but raised in E. Saint Louis. é"I didné't grow up in a musical family, but my Daddy loves music and my love for music started thereé", says the singer. At 18 years old she started taking singing seriously.Greene began making videos of herself singing some of her favorite tunes and posting them on social media. One of them was a version of Kodak Black's "Roll in Peace," with Greene putting her own spin on the lyrics. To her surprise, after posting it, the clip began attracting attention far beyond her circle of friends, going on to receive more than a million views.Layton Greene next partnered with producer G-Styles, recording a more professional version of what she called her "Roll in Peace Remix," and after it was posted online in November 2017, it exploded, receiving over three and a half million plays. The track became popular enough to rise to number 12 on the Hot R&B Songs chart.