Lenox Hills

Lenox Hills

Genre: Rock & Americana | Price: $3,000 - $6,000


About The Artist

With heavy influences of 70's and 90's rock, Lenox Hills produces an exhilarating rock sound that will make you swoon. This Indie-Alternative quartet has been referred to as "a band whose future is to be marked by a wondrous and limitless creativity," as well as one that "romps through a freeform indie rock environment, to a place where their glistening pop-rock tendencies are given license to bloom and reveal infinite possibilities," by respected writer for Nooga.com, Joshua Pickard. Lenox Hills puts on a killer show with loud drums, catchy guitar riffs, and creative vocals. If you see them once, you'll want to see them again. The group is comprised of four artists that all grew up in the same small-town neighborhood of Lenox Hills in Cleveland, TN.