Genre: Hip-Hop | Price: $2,500 - $5,000


About The Artist

Born at Grady Hospital in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, rapper $lugg formed early and inseparable ties with the star-studded rappers and producers out of the Hip-Hop incubator known as Riverdale, Georgia. Backed by the powerhouse 808 MAFIA production team, including mega-producers Southside and Tm88, $lugg is destined to leave his own unique mark on the hip hop industry.The slick, vehement, and exposed sound of $luggé's music gives the listener a peek into his personal life. It celebrates the nucleus of Atlanta culture. The late night studio sessions, the weed smoke, the afterparties and strip club vibes. All of the critical elements on the periodic table of Atlanta culture compound to create an unmistakably authentic hip-hop sound delivered through $luggé's music. $luggé's vision is to become immortal through his music and entertainment. He is fueled by inspiring others and relating to his fans on a personal level. é"Ié'm him, and heé's meé" $lugg says, referring to his fans.