Noah Hicks

Noah Hicks

Genre: Country | Price: $7,000 - $15,000


About The Artist

With a vocal warmth that emulates the feel of his Carrollton, Ga. upbringing, country newcomer Noah Hicks tells his story through song in a way thaté's strangely familiar and universally relatable. Using home as his inspirational é─˛true north,é' the ingenuity and maturity behind his sound and lyricism has provided Hicks a gateway into a community of some of Nashvilleé's top songwriters and producers, and has seen the young artist warmly welcomed by peers. é"I wanna show the world it ainé't just trucks and tractors - my music has a lot of depth, a lot of warmth. I really try to put myself back in past scenarios when I write so I can make listeners feel like theyé're in that moment, too.é" That depth is highlighted in his recent single é"No More Of é─˛Em,é" produced by Jeremy Stover and co-written by Hicks with Stover, Rhett Akins, and Will Bundy. Hicks showcases his vulnerable lyricism once again in current single é"Miss You Back,é" detailing life since losing love - and trying to summon an old flame back. é"Ié'm one of them é─˛good songé' boys. If I can write an incredible song that listeners immediately connect with, Ié've done my job.é"


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