Okey Dokey

Okey Dokey

Genre: Rock & Americana | Price: $3,000 - $7,000


About The Artist

Mixing warm, pastoral indie rock, touches of psychedelia, and the buoyant sounds of early-'60s pop, Okey Dokey was formed by established members of the Nashville music scene in the mid-2010s. They made their full-length debut with Love It, Mean It in 2017. Bass player Aaron Martin and guitarist Johny Fisher briefly played together in the band Sol Cat in 2013, with both contributing to their debut album and subsequent tour that year. Martin had been invited to join the group after doing artwork for them, then ultimately left his position as bassist to make more time for art-related projects. Calling themselves Okey Dokey, Fisher and Martin started making music together again a few years later with Martin also singing lead. They drew on a collective of musicians from area bands to flesh out the lineup. Okey Dokey's first album, Love You, Mean It, arrived in early 2017. They played the Austin City Limits Music Festival later that year, and in 2018, the duo returned with a fresh batch of singles, including "When They Get Older" featuring Rayland Baxter. Two years later the band emerged with their dynamic, genre-spanning sophomore effort, Once Upon One Time.