Genre: Electronic | Price: $2,500 - $5,000


About The Artist

Evan Shornstein is contemplating stillness. That may seem strange for a drummer, especially one who's been constantly fidgeting and tapping on things since childhood, but it's absolutely true. A native of Woodstock, NY, he spent a significant chunk of his formative years outdoors, playing in bands and flirting with turntablism.His latest album, Waking Hours, is rooted in the chaos of modern life, and specifically our incessant need to stay busy, keep up with everything, and never stop creating. The LP is about finding room to occasionally pause and take a breath, but escapism isn't the end goal here. Shornstein is interested in cultivating the mental headspace to question our hectic status quo and simply ask if there's a better way to do things. Musically, it's the most personal and open-minded thing he's ever created, a genre-agnostic effort that impressively builds upon his electronic chops while simultaneously venturing into pop territory and putting his own vocals center stage.Prior to Waking Hours, Shornstein did several releases for the Astro Nautico label, including multiple EPs and his 2017 full-length Onism. The LP garnered widespread acclaim, and was followed by multiple runs of tour dates across North America, Europe and Asia.Photay is the sort of artist who never neatly fits into any one box, and likely never will. Truth be told, he sounds like only himself, and in this day and age, that's quite the accomplishment.