Genre: Hip-Hop | Price: $85,000 - $100,000


About The Artist

Nobody needs to write my bio for me. This is stupid. My name is SAINt JHN, thaté's my real name, ité's spelled a little different tho. Ié'm from Brooklyn, I spent half my childhood growing up in Georgetown, Guyana. I was dirt poor in Brooklyn and some version of rich in Guyana, because apparently 2 nickels can buy you a sports car in a 3rd world country. Who knew?! Im from a SUPER Christian household where my mom forced us to go to every church imaginable. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK! I hated it. I still woné't go to Church to this day. Ié'm a product of a father who was a hustler, preacher for a mother and a rapper for an older brother. Jay-Z and Beenie Man were my musical heroé's growing up. I doné't know how to describe the music I make, doné't know what genre it belongs to and I doné't exactly care. I make what I want to hear and paint the pictures I want to see in the world. I got my start writing songs for other people, I got lucky I doné't know how that happened but I did. I wrote some records for Usher, Beyonce, Jidenna and a few other people. I was having success, but then I quit, cause who wants to live their dreams through someone elseé's eyes. So I put out my first project, Collection One. And here we are now, I hope you like whatever comes next cause I have no fvcking idea!