Social House

Social House

Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop | Price: $30,000 - $40,000


About The Artist

As much as it embodies the musical union of individual singers, producers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists Michael é"Mikeyé" Foster and Charles é"Scootieé" Anderson, Social House serves as a destination. It represents a place where genre lines disintegrate and co-exist in a hummable hypnotic harmony unlike anything else out there. é"Ité's a melting pot,é" says Mikey. é"We pull from our collective influences. There could be a jazz vibe to the melodies, guitar rhythms from country, hip-hop production, or really alternative chord progressions. Ité's a fusion.é" é"The fusion is emotionally driven more than anything else,é" Scootie elaborates. é"The sounds mirror whatever weé're feeling at the time.é" Both born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Mikey and Scootie initially struck a chord by sharing such feelings from behind-the-scenes. The musicians met by way of producer Tommy Brown, sharing a house and creative hub in Sherman Oaks, CA. Together with Brown, they collectively penned and produced multiplatinum number one smashes such as é"thank u, nexté" and é"7 Ringsé" for Ariana Grandeé's blockbuster thank u, next.