Thomas Jack

Thomas Jack

Genre: Electronic | Price: $20,000 - $40,000


About The Artist

Thomas Jack is one of the few artists who can literally claim to have created a musical genre, and one of even fewer who then left it behind. Tom has always been searching for new sounds. He is a curator at heart, and someone dedicated to exploring the full spectrum of house music. His recent output skews toward the moodier strains of house, showcasing an eclectic mix of various sub-genres. His Summer 2017 EP, The Versus, saw him collaborate with avant-garde acts Ry-X and The Acid, further solidifying his musical evolution and diversifying his musical path.As a live DJ, Tom has gained notoriety for his free wheeling one-of-a-kind DJ sets. A devil may care attitude and a sense of adventure have pushed him toward more intimate and extended performances, as well as an 11-date Hi Ibiza residency and high-profile festival sets at CRSSD, el row, Coachella, Splash House and more.